• The history of the Sarbloh Granth Sahib

    Guru Gobind Singh wrote the Sarbloh Granth Sahib as a part of his project of creating scripture. What separates his work from the poets Vidiasagar Granth, is Sri Mukhvak Patshahi 10. It was written from ancient scriptures (Purans) from the Hindu, Jain religions.

    The Sarbloh Granth and its passagea are quoted in early Sikh history. Although many people consider otherwise. The Nirmala scholars said that the Udasi's wrote it and gave it to the Buddha Dal, this is not true. As an original copy with the signature of Guru Gobind Singh exists.

    When Guru Gobind Singh was a Rishi (Dusht Daman), he wrote some sutras which he left with some Sadhus. As Guru Gobind Singh, he reclaimed these from that sect at Nanded, and from these sutras concluded the Sarbloh Granth Sahib.


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